ODBC Manager

ODBC Manager is a Mac OS utility application that configures ODBC data sources for use by popular applications such as Microsoft Excel and FileMaker Pro.

Mac OS used to include an ODBC Administrator utilty. Apple stopped including the ODBC Administrator with Mac OS starting with the release of Mac OS "Snow Leopard".

ODBC Manager was developed as a replacement for ODBC Administrator. It is intended to be distributed easily. You are free to include ODBC Manager with your application.

ODBC driver vendors are encouraged to include ODBC Manager with their drivers.

ODBC Manager was developed and is maintained by Actual Technologies, makers of ODBC drivers for many popular databases.

840 KB | 64-bit only

Requires Mac OS 10.9 or later

Made for 64-bit Intel and Apple Silicon ODBC drivers

Notarized and Gatekeeper compatible